Compareka partner with Mister Prakan

Posted:01 March, 2017

Car insurance comparison is an essential but often inconvenient and time-consuming process for millions of individuals. Now, thanks to the emergence of online car insurance comparison, many people can easily compare insurance packages easily. However, only a few companies that provide the service can help customers make significant savings on their premiums. 

Enter Compareka. The company has now partnered with Mister Prakan - one of the largest insurance brokerages in Thailand. Compareka is a fully comprehensive insurance comparison website for Thai and westerners looking for car insurance in Thailand. The company has been providing a wide coverage across the marketplace and is committed to finding you the right product at the best price for you. Above all, the company prides itself in helping you meet your exact needs while saving you time and money. 

Mister Prakan is an online insurance brokerage offering a wide range of insurance choices to customers. The company offers health, travel, home and car insurance to its clients. With Mister Prakan, the process is quick and easy. Not only that but also their rates arguably the best in the country enabling customers to save on premiums. This has seen the company quickly rise to become one of the most popular car insurance sites within Thailand. 

Compareka has a long catalogue of insurance packages from a range of trusted providers. And now owing to their partnership with Mister Prakan, customers will have an even better choice of insurance rates. This will give customers the opportunity to access an insurance package that not only meets their needs but also their budget. 

Collaborations like this one we have with Compareka are a great way to ensure our customers are able to access the best insurance cover possible. Compareka is set to even grow further with even more API integrations to allow customers to compare car insurance prices directly from their websites.