How does it work?

We take a few basic details from you. These details are then processed by our state of the art instant ‘quotation-search-engine’. Within a few seconds all the relevant insurance products of insurers are presented on a single page for you to review.

How does your instant ‘quotation-search-engine’ work? uses the data supplied by you to find matches with all our insurance merchants’ products. You will get instant and real-time quotes as we work directly with insurers.

How long does the process take?

It is hardly less than few minutes. You fill in your details and we provide you with a comparative list of products almost instantaneously. With you no longer need to walk the high street or search for product providers individually. That could take you hours or even days. Why waste time and money when you can search here online in minutes.

How useful is it to me?

Imagine dealing with 5 different insurers, understanding their products, comparing them in different presentation formats and then selecting the one which you think is the best. We do all this ground-work for you and thus save your time, efforts and valuable money. The ultimate power of choosing the best insurance deal still remains with you.

Do you provide a telephone support on

Yes. If you face difficulties using our website or have a complaint, you can email us at

How much does it cost me?

We don’t charge our customers for using our service and we do not add fees or commissions to the prices you compare; instead we make money by charging our partners a small fee.

Who do we work with?

To ensure that you find the right product, we work with a range of trusted insurance providers to provide a real breadth of coverage across the marketplace.

Is an Insurance Broker or an Insurance Company? is a fully comprehensive insurance comparison website for thai and westerners looking for car insurance and more in Thailand.

You still haven't answered my question

If we didn't manage to answer your question in our frequently and not so frequently asked questions, just drop us an email at